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Trump Mocks Coverage Over His Refusal to Commit to Peaceful Power Transfer

Trump Mocks Coverage Over His Refusal to Commit to Peaceful Power Transfer

President Donald Trump on Friday mocked news coverage of his refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power if he loses the November 3rd election.

Speaking to a group about Black economic empowerment in Atlanta, Trump laughed off the press reports, saying, “Let’s see, will we be president in ten years? Only if we add a couple of terms.”

He then suggested he was being sarcastic when he responded to a reporter’s question earlier this week about committing to the election results by saying, “We’re gonna have to see what happens.”

“You know, you can’t joke because if you joke, they take it away,” Trump said Friday.

“You know, a lot of times we have a little sarcasm and you joke, but you’re being serious, and then you start laughing afterwards. But they always cut it before the laugh. They cut it so that they think he’s serious,” Trump said

His supporters in the Atlanta audience responded by chanting “12 more years.”

Trump’s comments refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power have drawn swift blowback from both parties in Congress, and lawmakers pledged to turn to unprecedented steps to ensure he can’t ignore the vote of the people.

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