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A look inside Delta’s huge Sky Club lounge at New York’s LaGuardia airport

Earlier this summer, the new Terminal C at New York’s LaGuardia airport began serving the public for the first time, and along with it, Delta opened its doors to what will eventually be the largest Delta Sky Club in the world.

Located just past the unified TSA security checkpoint in the new terminal, this new Delta Sky Club has a distinctly New York flavor, along with floor-to-ceiling windows and tons of space to handle the departing and arriving passengers from Delta’s 32 gates at LaGuardia (which will grow to 37 gates when all construction is finished). The new club can handle 600 guests at first, but will expand over time to a total of more than 34,000 square feet, and will eventually include a year-round Sky Deck with outdoor views.

delta sky club laguardia lga seating area reverse

When you first walk into the new Sky Club, it’s impossible to ignore the sheer size of it, along with the impressive variety of seating options — almost all with power outlets — and the brilliant amount of light provided by the tall windows that line one entire side of the club.

delta sky club laguardia lga seating tall windows

While you’re in the new Sky Club, it’d be easy to forget you’re at an airport if it weren’t for the unobstructed views of the tarmac that plane watchers will adore as they sit and enjoy a beverage while recharging their devices.

delta sky club laguardia lga window tarmac seating

You also won’t forget that you’re in New York, as the club’s designers have done a beautiful job of including many New York touches, including artwork that evokes multiple aspects of the city. The club itself feels like an oasis in the middle of an urban setting.

delta sky club laguardia lga new york details

Further back in the club is even more varied seating, with shared tables if you need space to spread out your items and documents. While there isn’t any natural light here in this part of the club, there are plenty of fascinating lighting fixtures providing illumination and brightening the area.

delta sky club laguardia lga fly delta art

Of course, no Delta Sky Club would be complete without complimentary food and beverages. You’ll find a varied buffet along with a full bar offering a number of beer, wine and liquor selections on the house (though some higher-end alcoholic choices do come with a charge).

delta sky club laguardia lga wine seating

It’s a modern-day necessity in an airport for travelers to be able to plug in while they’re on the go, and this new Sky Club definitely doesn’t disappoint in that department. Outlets are literally everywhere, even at some of the dining tables, so you can eat and drink at the same time your phone is getting juiced up.

delta sky club laguardia lga outlets

While there will likely be dozens if not hundreds of patrons in the lounge at any given time, there is a set of private phone booths at the back that are first-come, first-served. So if you have a phone call you need to make, you can slip into one of them and close the door behind you to have a quiet conversation. Each booth even has a small stool and desk shelf, so you can sit down and take notes if needed.

delta sky club laguardia lga phone booths

This new Sky Club will undoubtedly see a lot of passengers, so it’s great that it has so much open space and so many seating options. The Sky Club in the old LaGuardia Terminal C has closed as this new one opens, and while the existing club in the old Terminal D will continue to operate through the summer, it’s likely that this new club will get most of the foot traffic as customers look for a place to slip away from the crowds.

delta sky club laguardia lga seats and tables

If you’re interested in getting into this new Sky Club on your next trip to, from or through LGA, you’ll need to ensure you have access. Check out our ultimate guide to Delta Sky Clubs for more information on how you can access this lounge — and others within Delta’s network — on your next trip.

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