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Cuomo: Trump Put Political Agenda Over Health on Reopening Schools, Economy

Cuomo: Trump Put Political Agenda Over Health on Reopening Schools, Economy

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday that the New York state health department would be issuing an emergency health order requiring all travelers coming from states impacted by spikes of the virus to quarantine.

Cuomo said people would be asked to submit location forms at all airports upon entry, and that those who fail to do so would be fined $2,000 and receive a court summons.

“You can then be brought to a hearing and ordered to complete mandatory quarantine,” he said.

Cuomo said the decision comes as fears over a second wave in the state intensify.

The governor also gave parents and school administrators long-awaited answers to their back-to-school questions, saying schools will be allowed to open in areas where the coronavirus is under control.

Each of the state’s 700 school districts have until the end of this month to detail school-by-school reopening plans.

Cuomo said they will be able to move forward with them in regions that are both in phase four of the state’s overall reopening and have seen daily average daily infection rates of 5% or less for two weeks.

Students and teachers in buildings will be screened for illness, wear masks or face shields and keep six feet of distance when possible. Mandatory fire drills and lockdown drills will continue with social distancing and districts may have to stagger start times, install partitions or change hallway traffic patterns to reduce congestion.

Districts will learn the first week of August whether they can reopen for the fall, but a spike that sends the infection rate past 9% would halt the plans, Cuomo said.

Cuomo also lashed out at the Trump administration over the handling of the pandemic saying they had “been denying the reality of the situation from the beginning.”

“This is their political agenda over public health policy. That’s what this is. This is politically inconvenient in an election year,” he said.

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