Sikh Volunteers started in 2014 to help people with food and with volunteer services. 

“We are getting so many calls from people who have lost their jobs, elderly people, people who are homeless, international students, single moms…” says Manpreet Singh.

“Every day and every week we got a different menu so people can choose according to their taste.”

“We got special requirement by the people… like they got allergic from the gluten… from the mushroom… then we make a special dish for them.”

“We have to keep the safety off all our volunteers as well so we are following all the instructions from the government… social distancing and other things. It’s been hard for us but we are still there on the frontier doing the hard work to prepare the 800 meals.”

“I drive the people with the disability but I lost the job so I’m… giving my time for these volunteers services.”

“Most of the volunteers they lost their jobs because of this virus.”

“We are getting so much from the community, so we want to give back to the community.”

“We have so many Sikh organisation who are doing in different parts of Australia doing similar work to Sikh Volunteers.”

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