Attorney General William Barr was in the hot seat on Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee answering questions about the upcoming 2020 elections.

Rep. Cedric Richmond, Democrat from Louisiana questioned Barr on whether the Justice Department expected meddling in the elections, to which Barr responded “yes.”

And went on to say he had “no reason to think” election would be rigged as President Donald Trump has said on numerous occasions.

New York Democratic Sen. Hakeem Jeffries then asked about the possibility of the president not recognizing the results of the election if Joe Biden wins.

“…there is no mechanism for a president to contest an election that has clearly been won by the opponent,” said Jeffries.

“Mr. Attorney General, what will you do if Donald Trump loses the election on November 3rd but refuses to leave office on January 20th?”

Barr responded “if the results are clear,” he would leave office.

This all comes as Trump has said previously the election system is rigged against him, which many believe is the president laying the groundwork to discredit the results if they are not in his favor.

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