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Protesters Chant ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Trump Supporters in Kenosha

Protesters Chant ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Trump Supporters in Kenosha

Demonstrators rallied against President Donald Trump’s arrival in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on September 1, facing off with supporters of the president.

Jacob Blake, the man whose shooting by a Kenosha police officer on August 23 touched off unrest in the city, remained hospitalized as of September 1.

The ensuing maelstrom of protests and rioting in the city left many businesses in ruins.

During protests on August 26, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly shot three people, killing two. Rittenhouse, whose social media profiles showcase his support of Trump and law enforcement, as well as an interest in guns, was later arrested at his home in Illinois.

Videos taken by Instagram user @ayetek_ugoh show protesters chanting “black lives matter” as Trump supporters hold a campaign flag.

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