Russia’s President Vladamir Putin offered UN staff its Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine free of charge and proposed a cooperation conference to countries interested in working together to fight Covid-19 in his speech for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

“Building on the scientific, industrial and clinical experience of its doctors, Russia has promptly developed a range of testing systems and medicines to detect and treat the coronavirus, as well as registering the world’s first vaccine Sputnik-V,” says Putin.

“Russia is ready to provide the UN with all the necessary qualified assistance; in particular, we are offering to provide our vaccine, free of charge, for the voluntary vaccination of the staff of the UN and its offices.”

Russia has drawn international criticism for approving a Covid-19 vaccine after testing it on just several dozen people.

Putin has touted the vaccine on national television and said that one of his adult daughters had already been inoculated.

However, both Russian and Western experts insisted that further studies were necessary to determine its effectiveness and safety.

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