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First Coronavirus Vaccines Won’t Offer Full Protection: Epidemiologist

First Coronavirus Vaccines Won’t Offer Full Protection: Epidemiologist

The first Covid-19 vaccines won’t be as effective as later versions, so don’t let your guard down, says Dr. Emily Landon, an epidemiologist and infectious disease doctor at University of Chicago Medicine. People likely will need to wear face masks and stay socially distant to protect themselves from the coronavirus after a vaccine becomes available.

“We should probably think of them as another layer of safety that we can add in the middle of this pandemic, ” says Dr. Landon. “So we’ll have to keep our masks and our distance,” for the foreseeable future.

It’s unusual for a vaccine to be 100% effective, she says. Also, some people are skeptical of vaccinations and may avoid getting a shot.

Even if there’s enough vaccine available for the entire U.S. population, it will take time to distribute the shots.

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