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Trump campaign adviser couldn’t explain why Trump went to fundraiser after Hicks tested positive

Trump campaign adviser couldn’t explain why Trump went to fundraiser after Hicks tested positive

NBC/Broadway Video
NBC/Broadway Video

“Saturday Night Live” returned to a live studio audience at Studio 8H after months away because of coronavirus.

The NBC variety show opened with a sketch taking on this week’s presidential debate between President Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, and former Vice President Joe Biden, who was played by Jim Carrey.

“The following is a re-broadcast of Tuesday’s presidential debate, even though Tuesday feels 100 days ago,” a voice said opening the show. “We thought it was important to see it again since it might be the only presidential debate. And it was pretty fun to watch, as long as you don’t live in America.”

Moderator Chris Wallace, played by Beck Bennett, brought out Baldwin’s Trump first.

“And you did take the Covid test that you promised to take in advance, correct?” Bennett’s Wallace asked.

“Absolutely, scout’s honor,” Baldwin’s Trump responded with his fingers crossed.

Bennett’s Wallace then brought out Carrey’s Biden.

“Just one second, Chris,” he said, using a tape measure to put enough space between himself and Baldwin’s Trump.

Bennett’s Wallace said that it looked like Carrey’s Biden was ready to debate.

“Absolutely not,” he responded. “But I got the beginning of 46 fantastic ideas that I may or may not have access to.”

Then the debate kicked off. However, instead of a debate it was just Baldwin’s Trump and Carrey’s Biden yelling back and forth at each other.

“Chris Wallace is mean, the economy is mean. It keeps losing jobs, which is mean to me,” Baldwin’s Trump said. He then called the pandemic a hoax.

“That statement is something that will probably come back to haunt me later this week,” he said.

The show also took aim at the President’s condition.

“President Trump’s in the hospital from Covid, and I just want to say my heart goes out to Covid,” said comedian and host Chris Rock.

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