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DOJ Announces $4.5 Million Crackdown on Telemedicine Fraud

DOJ Announces $4.5 Million Crackdown on Telemedicine Fraud

Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Rabbitt announces cases that charge more than 300 individuals with health care fraud schemes involving more than six billion dollars in alleged health care fraud and millions of prescription opioid doses.

In a press conference Wednesday in Washington to address cases charged as part of the Telemedicine, Sober Homes, and Regional initiative, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and other enforcement agencies announcement marks “the largest amount of fraud ever charged by DOJ in a single national takedown operation,” Babbit said.

Adding, “our efforts represent a continuation of the department’s ongoing work to combat the devastating effects of health care fraud and opioid abuse around the country.”

The cases reported involve charges against a wide variety of people describing allegations brought against “more than 100 licensed medical professionals, including more than 50 doctors and more than 20 healthcare executives.”

Babbit credited DOJ’s criminal division, U.S. attorneys’ offices around the country and law enforcement partners, with the healthcare fraud takedown efforts.

“Preventing and imposing accountability for health care fraud has never been of more critical importance than it is today. And these prosecutions once again show the criminal division and its partners efficiently and effectively striking at those who would abuse America’s health care programs,” he said.

The largest amount of fraud charged in the cases announced today, representing more than 4.5 billion dollars of alleged fraud, relates to telemedicine.

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